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BHW:  Stacey, thank you for taking time with the Website readers.    We want to get to know you, since you have been chosen by the Lord and our Family as our new Sunday School Director (with the capable help/oversight of your husband, Jason.)    First, tell us a little about yourself…where you were raised, how you met your husband, what kind of career you have had, etc. 

Stacey:   My name is Stacey Fuller Hatley.  I am 32 years old.  I was raised in Person County.  I attended East Carolina University.  I majored in elementary education.  I am currently a part time kindergarten teacher at Bethel Hill Charter School.  I love my job!  My husband is Jason Hatley.  We have been married for almost 6 years.  We were set up on a blind date by a co-worker.  We got married on Feb 14, 2004.  Jason is a godly husband and father.  I am so blessed!  We have a son named Garrison that will be 2 soon.  He brings us so much joy!  I became a child of God at the age of 24.  God changed me and He is still changing me!  I am thankful to be able to serve Him and the people of Bethel Hill Baptist Church. 


BHW:  Something that is a  little unusual about you is this: you have been to Ethiopia!  A growing number on the Hill are calling themselves Ethiopia veterans.  We have joked that on the 2007 Team, you were voted “Most Improved Missionary”.  What impacted your life the most about that trip?

Stacey:   The biggest impact for me is that God showed me personally that when He calls me to do something He will provide for every need and give me peace in my heart and mind.  He did that for me as I prayed about going to Ethiopia and He did that for me while I was there. When I have doubts now God quickly reminds me of how He worked everything out for the good during that trip.  He made Himself real in my life.  I also think about how loving the Ethiopians were and how they live simply.  Jason and I try to model this in our life.  


BHW: Jeannie has been the facilitator of our Sunday School hour for many years.  She’s done a great job and has been very diligent about the work involved.  How has God impressed you in terms of the goals & direction you would like see for our first hour together on Sunday mornings? 

Stacey:  Mrs. Jeannie did do a great job and she has been very helpful to me. We really believe that the Lord has brought our attention to reach, teach, and minister to others.  Our Sunday School has good biblical teaching and being doers of the word must be the focus. In an effort to reach this goal we must pray, plan and prepare.  Our hope is that each teacher will raise their expectations for themselves and their class as we strive to be a Great Commission church. 

BHW: I love the focus on “working out” the teaching thru obedience and spreading the Good News.  There are many on the Hill who either have been missing out on the Sunday School hour, or are new to the Hill.  Can you highlight a few teachers/classes & what is happening in them that makes them special or unusual?

 Stacey:    Chris Jacobs’ Class- This class is special because you are encouraged to ask questions and discuss issues that are going on in your life.  The class then comes together to offer godly wisdom.  Chris does a great job showing his class how they can be ambassadors for Christ as they deal with the public.   Jason Evans’ Class-  Jason has been teaching through the book of James. He will be teaching through June.  God has used James to not only grow the class spiritually but to remind us that biblical faith manifests itself in important ways like: caring for those in need, avoiding worldliness, and surrendering our tongues to the Lord.  Recently the class has had several testimonies of people putting their faith to work.  There seems to be a real desire to not only profess our faith but to express our faith with good deeds. 

BHW:  We’re now into the summer months, and we’re on the summer schedule.  Sunday School now starts at 8:59am.  Children’s classes are governed by their age.  What age brackets are those, and who is the teacher for each of the children’s classes? 


Nursery……. Molly and Jason Evans

Toddler (age 2)……. Amanda Bentley

Pre-K/K- (age 3, 4 and kindergarteners) …….Faye Chambers and Tammy Evans

1st and 2nd Graders……. Bridget and Kendall Shaw

3rd Graders……. Mary Sue Thompson

4th-5th graders-…….Cindi Jacobs

6th-12th Grade-…….Joel Bradsher

*These groupings will change in September for the new year. 

BHW: The adult classes, thankfully, are not governed by age!  We have several options.  What are the topics and who are the teachers for the adult SS classes?

Jason Hatley (Senior Men)……. God is Still in Control

Gail Collie (Senior Women)……. God is Still in Control

Chris Jacobs……. Fulfilling the Great Commission through Defining Discipleship   

(A side note from Chris:   “Why is it special for me as we gather on Sunday to dig into God’s incredible love story?  First, I get to experience the awesome power and love of my savior as many report each week giving testimony to these very truths.  Second, I get to learn and experience for myself how rich His truths are, as they affect me weekly to continue to press on for the goal.    Philippians 3:14″)

Woody Jacobs……. Crazy Love (This will begin in a few weeks.)

Jason Evans…….Finishing his study of James


BHW: We started this interview asking about you personally.  Let’s end on the same note.  The readers of the Website are dying to know 3 things about Stacey Hatley:

1) What is your favorite food?  My favorite food is chocolate ice cream!  :)

2) Which is your favorite chapter in the Bible?  My Sunday School teacher, Chris Jacobs  would want me to say Philemon Chapter 1 since he invested so much time in it this year but I will say 2 Timothy Chapter 1.  This chapter helps me to remember that fear is not from God and that I need to be bold in my faith.  I struggle sometimes in this area so I am thankful that God uses this chapter in my life as I live out my faith.

3) How can we pray for you?  Please pray that I will be Spirit-led in my decision-making and that I will remain focused on the task.  We are also in need of Sunday School teachers.  We specifically need help in the nursery, pre-k/k class, 4th-5th grade class, and the Senior Men Class.  Please pray that God will send workers. 

BHW:  Stacey, know that we love you & appreciate you!   We’ll take your husband Jason with us to Ethiopia this summer, but we won’t keep him too long….we’ll bring him back to you :)    You two are a real blessing to our Family!  We thank God for putting you in our midst, and for gifting you so obviously with the gift of organization.  Thank you for serving Him by serving us!  We love you! And we will be faithful in praying not only for you, but also for all the SundaySchool teachers.