The Father’s Love

April 22, 2011 by  
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Today we remember the day that marked the climax of Jesus’ battle for our souls.  On this day, 2000 years ago, He steeled Himself to endure the ultimate in abuse….the Unjust destroying the Just, the Created removing the life of the Creator, the Hating Ones killing the Loving One, the Temporal ending the Eternal.

Such a contrast of extremes!

But in all of this, we must remember the Jesus was never a victim.  He was never at the mercy of those who destroyed Him.  Rather, He willingly placed Himself at their command, and He kept Himself under their command until the end had been accomplished.  At any second, He could have used His power & authority to withdraw Himself and flip the circumstances.  The angels stood in the heavens, awaiting His command to rescue Him.  But no command came.

Instead, He yielded Himself to the Father’s will.

And it was the Father’s will that Jesus be sacrificed on our behalf.  The Father’s love for us was (& remains today) so great that He was willing to surrender that which was closest to Him….His own precious son Jesus.  And Jesus’ love for the Father was so great that He was willing to obey the Father to the End.

The foundation of this Friday in history is the Father’s love for us.  It is not only about Jesus’ death.  His death was rooted in the Father’s love.

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