Did you Know?

November 18, 2011 by  
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Sharks are always on the move. If they stop swimming, they sink.


It’s the same for Christians.  If we are not “on the move” with God, we will sink….fall into oblivion, end up in waters too deep for comfort, come under pressure that we were not designed to handle, find ourselves in company with others for whom we are unfit.

So, how do we stay “on the move” with God?  Thru obedience.  The Word says it, the Spirit shows it…and we must obey it.

Christians (so-called) who just sit in church, who just put a check in the offering plate, who just dress properly, who just know the right terminology or hymns….these are those who are standing still.  These are those who are sinking thru their inertia.

But those who are daring to obey…and it does take courage to trust the Word and Spirit…are receiving the oxygen and food that they need for survival, for strength, for effectiveness.

Are you on the move thru obedience….or are you dying?