2013-2014 Church Year Begins

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So what is in store for BHBC this new year? First, as a church we are being encouraged to grow/mature in prayer and evangelism. It is not that we don’t do these things, but we recognize the need for greater intentionality. Second, several of our SS classes have combined for the purpose of studying “systematic theology.” We are using... [Read more]

This and That

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First, let me apologize for neglecting this site that intends on keeping us informed. I have several excuses, but none of them are very good. Second, let me try to catch you up on things: A. I will be ending Romans either on May 5 or May 12. Right now I am leaning toward May 5. I am planning on taking the summer to cover the doctrine of the church.... [Read more]

The $10,000 Challenge

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The writer of Hebrews 10:24 said, “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works . . .” Recently, Dr. and Mrs. Black set forth a “challenge” to stir up the Bethel Hill Body of Christ. Many of you know last summer, BHBC sent 9 people to northeast India. The team came home excited to share what God is doing through the... [Read more]

“Constant in Prayer” (Rom 9:12)

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Here is a brief guide to aid you in communion with God. Several important aspects to consider about prayer. First, remember that prayer includes: praise, thanksgiving, confession, intercession, petition, and requests. Second, prayer includes “listening” for God’s reply. Does your prayer time include a time of silence? Third, prayer... [Read more]

Communication: Servants on Site (SOS)

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YOUTH SUMMER MISSION OPPORTUNITY: See Leigh Humphries if interested SOS (Servants on Site) The week of June 22-29, 2013, Rebuilding Hope will be coordinating and hosting its first annual week-long youth mission project.  It will be a week of work, worship and witness throughout Vance County and surrounding areas.  SOS (Servants on Site) is a mission... [Read more]

Communication: Youth Rally with “The Big Kahuna”

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Click on this event to see an event that is available for your young adults: Youth Event Flyer  Read More →

Welcome to BHBC Parsonage

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Andrew, Shelia, Olivia, Hudson, and Jackson arrived at BHBC Parsonage on December 29. I (Jason E) had a chance to sit down with Andrew recently to introduce myself and give him the “ins and outs” of the home they will be living in for the next six months. We had a nice visit, and I learned that their time in Person County will not be all “rest.”... [Read more]

Newly Added Web Administrator

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I (Jason Evans) want to take a moment to thank Becky Lynn for the ministry that has occurred through this website. She has put countless hours in seeing that it was developed in a manner that made it readable and useful. I also want to thank her for her blogs. I know many of us were blessed by them. Recently, Becky Lynn and I met to add me as an administrator.... [Read more]

Meet our Elders

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Here on the Hill we are moving forward in obedience to the teaching of Scripture. A few Sundays back our church  ”ordained” our elders. Just what is ordination? It is not the conferring of special grace (as in Catholicism). It is simply the setting apart, the commissioning, the consecrating to a particular ministry in the church. As such,... [Read more]

Pastor Jason graduates!

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A few week back our family at BethelHill — and we are family! — enjoyed an evening of food and fellowship as we celebrated God’s goodness to us and to our pastor Jason Evans in allowing him to finish his Ph.D. at the seminary. Two things I love about brother Jason. First is his humility. He is truly teachable, sensitive to the leading... [Read more]

A cooperative task, based upon the great communion

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As you know, many Hillions are spending their summer weeks in intentional outreach for the Savior. India, Ethiopia, Kentucky, inner-city, migrant workers….we touching many different folk with the Gospel. Missions is always a cooperative task. Think of the four men in Mark 2 who brought the paralytic to Jesus. It took real unity to get him there. Mission... [Read more]

Report of Meetings with Pastor Masih

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We had a wonderful time at Westwood Baptist with Pastor Masih. I have already grown to love that man. He is a man of prayer if nothing else. He wanted to pray when I picked him at the airport. He wanted to pray after I had blessed our first meal together at Bradford Hall. He wanted to hold a prayer meeting in our library last night. (We did.) Matthew... [Read more]

Pastor Masih of Pakistan comes to Bethel Hill

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For a couple years we have included the persecuted believers in our congregation. We are beginning to take seriously the command from the book of Hebrews, “remember those in prison”. Currently we have 5 specific people we are remembering in prayer, two of which are imprisoned in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This weekend we have a... [Read more]

Exalting Christ….above all

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Last week in Sunday School, Chris continued leading us thru the book of Philippians. We arrived at 1:12-26 with the theme “exalt Christ above all”.  From prison, on death row, Paul wrote these words: Now I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel. As a result, it has become clear... [Read more]

Mercies new every Morning

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As I walked out onto the pier and along the beach at the Women’s Retreat, I was impressed with the vastness of the ocean. It went on ‘forever’, and its waves on the beach were so predictable. Their ceaseless rolling onto the sand, one after another, each wave a little different, but each wave covering the beach. And my mind went... [Read more]

Women’s Retreat

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The spring Women’s Retreat is now history. And what a weekend it was! The best part was not the food, nor the setting by the beach, nor the speakers. The best part was the spiritual connectedness that we women enjoyed with each other. Fifteen women from all walks of life shared life together for a few days. While doing various things, we... [Read more]

A Song for you

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On Sunday, we sang this song.  What a message!  What a wonderful melody lifting our hearts in praise. It has stayed in my heart, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am. Jesus, What a Savior you are!  The perfect savior, for all situations… eternal & temporal… physical, spiritual, emotional and relational.  Let us keep our eyes upon... [Read more]

“My times are…..”

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 The great preacher C.H.Spurgeon was quite ill when he preached on Ps 31:15. His words are an   encouragement to me. I trust they are to you and yours:  ”Lastly, if our times are in God’s hand, here is A GRAND ARGUMENT FOR FUTURE BLESSEDNESS. He that takes care of our times, will take care of our eternity. He that has brought us so far,... [Read more]

Society of the Apple Pickers

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What? Haven’t heard of the Society of Apple Pickers?                                                                      Once upon a time there was an apple grower who had acres and acres of apple trees. In all, he had 10,000 acres of apple orchards. One day he went to the nearby... [Read more]

“I’m Fine!”

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 ”Good morning! How are you?”   The man I was greeting sat at the end of the pew, dressed in his Sunday suit. It seemed to me that he was used to being in that location each Sunday morning. I was speaking in the service that morning, presenting an update on the Lord’s work in Ethiopia. (Yes, in the midst of Stage IV cancer treatments,... [Read more]

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